Significant Aspects of Bay 11 Strain of Cannabis

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August 2, 2019

Bay 11 Strain of Cannabis

Several reasons make the founder of the Grand Daddy Purple proud. Many scientists have tried to cross different strains of marijuana to create hybrid herbs. And, most of these strains have a significant contribution to the medical marijuana community for a long time. One of the most prominent breeds of marijuana is Bay 11, which has won the High Times Cannabis Cup. The variety of marijuana has proved to be one of the best strains that have ever been created. The bay 11 strain is created by crossing Granddaddy Purple along with OG Kush and Sour Diesel. For more Info about the various types of marijuana, you can browse online.

Notable attributes of Bay 11 plants
When cultivated in the indoor space, Bay 11 takes eight to ten weeks to start flowering. On the contrary, if you plant it in the outdoors, the flowering time of these plants may begin in late October or early November. The plants grow to a height of 6-10 feet and require a warm climate. You can expect 45-80 ounces of marijuana per plant during the harvest. The unused product will contain 15%-20% of THC and can be 1% rich in cannabinoid. It grows like a bushy Sativa-plant. You will need to trim the extra leaves to allow lateral branches to grow.

Positive and negative impacts of Bay 11 herbs
Bay 11 is an Indica-dominant strain that offers vague relaxation to the mind and body of the user. The variety of marijuana was created by pairing Appalachia with Kush, which is responsible for the dreamy cerebral buzz effect. Although there is not a lot disclosed about the origin of this particular strain, you can assume that it may have taken a substantial amount of time to provide medical benefits. People having medical issues such as stress, depression, lack of appetite, fatigue, and pain in muscles have experienced substantial improvements in their condition after using the Bay 11 herb.

The Bay 11 strain of cannabis can be used for recreational uses as well as for medical purposes. It has a combined pine, citrus, and sweet flavor along with an earthy pine fragrance. Users often feel happy, uplifted, relaxed, and energetic after using this marijuana strain. If you are using it for the first time, then you must consume it in little amounts. Using this particular herb can also have adverse impacts on the human body. Dry eyes, anxiety, dry mouth, and dizziness can be some of the side-effects of using this herb.

Things to consider when using this herb
The effect of the Bay 11 variety of cannabis can be different from various people. The impact of using this herb depends on multiple factors. Firstly, the inclination of different users towards the grass is to be considered. Secondly, the amount of marijuana used and also the physical conditions of the person using it. The uplifting and euphoric sensation created by the herb in the human body is more effective than mood swings. It has the potency to make people feel overjoyed, ease stress, and also reduces symptoms of depression.