Is Timothy Sykes A Scammer?

by , on
February 23, 2019


Timothy Sykes is a popular figure in the world of penny stock trading. As a self-made millionaire, Timothy Sykes has made most of his earnings by trading penny stocks. There are some controversies about this guy as there are some people, who say his trading education materials are more of scam. You can Check it out this article to find out whether Timothy’s trading material is a legit or not. In this article, we list the findings based on most review found on the Internet.

Before we explain about the products, we want to give you an idea about Timothy Sykes. He became so popular after making $2’000’000 at Tulane University, with his $12’415 of gift money. He achieved such huge profits with the help of penny stocks trading. Tim began his trading career during the late of the ’90s. He was running a hedge fund, after graduating from the University. His hedge fund ranked top and subsequently suffered one sharp loss. However, his hedge fund was still higher by some percentage. He retired from the hedge fund industry and wrote a book called “An American Hedge Fund”, which is actually an autobiography.

Many people came to know about Tim from the ‘Wallstreet Warriors’ – a TV show that explained much about Tim’s success story. The success of this TV series led him to create education DVDs, websites and subscriptions. These days, Tim wants to teach his strategies to help the enthusiastic traders to achieve huge success. Now he has countless students, who have become a millionaire, and achieved six-figure profits. Tim Grittani is one of the most successful student’s of Timothy Sykes.

Additionally, Tim Sykes and his students were featured on various media outlets such as Fox, CNN Money, etc. He was even interviewed by popular individuals like Larry King and Steve Harvey. He is involved in lots of charity works and he founded his own charity called “The Timothy Sykes Foundation”. Tim wishes that he should open at least a thousand schools in the needed countries and some of his revenues from the DVD sales distributed to charity.

By looking into all his past and present activities, we can say that Timothy and his trading education materials are not a scam. There are some reasons why some people call him a scammer. The first reason may be his marketing strategy. His marketing message or contents always carry his photos of supercars, expensive items and a pile of cash. This thing makes people think that he might be a scam.

Nevertheless, many people especially those who are in the trading industry don’t call him a scammer. His DVDs are reasonably priced and have helped people to make a great deal of money. His trading training materials comprise of video lessons, chat rooms, real-time alerts and many more.

Video lessons make his training more convenient and effective. Anyone can just watch the video from a convenient place and get learn the art of trading. His real-time alerts help the students to understand the nature of fluctuating price. He offers two plans at different pricing, you may choose one that you find convenient.